Motorcycle Show




2016 Reisterstown Festival Motorcycle Show Results:

Thanks to all who participated in and visited the 2016 Reisterstown Festival Motorcycle show.   

Here are the 2016 winners:


Peoples Choice:  Jay Block  2015 HD Trike
U.S. Stock 1st:  Allan Wright  2012 Ultra Glide HD
U.S. Stock 2nd:  Tim (squid) Clarke 08 Street Glide HD
Custom 1st:  Randy Wilkerson 2012 Heritage HD
Custom 2nd:  Elias (Boul) Bouloubassis  1998 1200 Sportster
Vintage 1st:  Ian Fairweather  Royal Enfield
Vintage 2nd:  Endel Falkenklous  72 Triumph 650 Tiger
Foreign 1st:  Aston Ramsay  2006 805 Blvd.

Foreign 2nd:  John Hurtt   2009 Suzuki 4x4 ATV